As an Art Director at GoDaddy, I conceptualized and directed creative designs for various marketing and branding projects. I collaborated with copywriters, stakeholders, and project managers to create visually compelling solutions that aligned with the company's objectives. Through strong design skills and communication, I ensured that all creative output met GoDaddy's brand and business objectives.

Product Design

GoDaddy Point of Sale (POS) unifies in-person and online sales, seamlessly tracks and manages sales from an easy-to-use dashboard, accepts all kinds of payments, and offers the lowest fees. Its dual screens make checkout a breeze, and the all-in-one terminal includes a built-in payment processor, scanner, printer, security and more, allowing businesses to sell on the go and take payments anywhere.

Brand & Advertising

As an Art Director for GoDaddy, I created and executed ad campaigns that communicated their brand message, with visually striking designs and compelling copy that clearly articulated the benefits of their offerings. I collaborated with marketing and design teams to ensure campaigns were optimized for social media platforms, launched effectively, and drove brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”